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  • Anti slip floor treatments by SLIP-X-21 ®

Protect your employees, patrons and customers by reducing the risk of a slip and fall injury caused by a surface that becomes slippery when wet. After the treatment, the surface is actually less slippery wet than dry. You have to see it to believe it! We treat all Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Marble and Granite Floors, Stone, Slate even Concrete Ramps and walk ways.

For Wood floors, Laminates, VCT , Vinyl ? Our SLIP-X-21 ® Topcoats will give you excellent Anti Slip effect. effect.


  • SLIP-X-21 ® treatments tub and shower

ImageTubs and showers are definitely getting wet and slippery daily. Not many people like using bathmats. They become dirty and unsanitary and need replaced regularly.

Well, throw them out and give us a call! Our Tub and Shower treatments solve that slippery problem and don't need to be sanitized or replaced. You be amazed!


  • SLIP-X-21 ® treaded floors CLEANING

Although our floor treatments require no special maintenance, floors should still be cleaned on a regular basis to aid in keeping the surface as safe as possible. As a follow-up to our anti slip treatment we offer ongoing floor cleaning and maintenance. With our proprietary cleaning solutions we can handle this for you or provide you with the products to do it yourself.

  • SLIP-X-21 ® Concrete SEALING

Having your concrete sealed prevents premature deterioration that leads to expensive repairs and or replacement. Sealed concrete is easier to maintain and resists staining, dusting and sweating. Our SLIP-X-21 ® SEALERSare penetrating sealers and do not coat or form a film on the surface. It penetrates the surface and fills up the voids and capillaries inside the concrete where it chemically reacts and hardens. This seals the concrete permanently from the inside out.




BENEFITS OF HAVING Capitol Commercial SLIP-X-21 ®

  • Prevent Slip and Fall accidents
  • Invest in your Safety
  • Instant Slip Resistance with Anti Slip Protection treatment application
  • Protect children and families
  • Save money on insurance
  • Improve employee safety and productivity
  • Reduce lawsuits
  • Eliminate fake slip and fall accidents
  • Certified warranty of slip resistance for years
  • Maintenance program that will allow us to test your floors annually
  • avoid or minimize potential litigation expense resulting from injury or death.
  • strengthen litigation position on other safety-related claims by demonstrating the proactive position that building owners took with the installation of safety solutions.
  • lower workers' compensation costs.
  • Enhances protection of capital assets.
  • minimize business interruption costs.
  • strengthen building marketing programs.
  • peace of mind knowing that floors are safer to walk on when wet.
  • Overall increased safety for employees, customers and the public.



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